Robina compassionately guides others towards the journey to the heart using Elemental Shamanism and connecting with the Higher-Self. A former international model with an engineering background, she travelled the world and amassed a lifetime of intense experiences that included transcending darkness along the way. By her mid 30’s she had experienced what most would consider a successful life, as she climbed the ranks as a corporate sales executive. At the pinnacle of her career she went through a catalytic awakening experience where she began to uncover her innate knowing by tapping into and dissolving deep rooted belief systems. 

Through her diligent commitment and practice of Shamanism, Kundalini meditation, Reiki, the ancient Indian Vedas, and her healing practices outlined in The Power Guides, she aligned with her true purpose: to guide others into clearing their disempowering core beliefs and discovering their life’s purpose.  

Author of the eBook The Power Guides: The 7 steps to total self acceptance and discovering your life’s purpose, and the soon to be released The Power Guides To Go series, Robina’s philosophy of “Spirituality in the Everyday” focuses on a step by step, practical approach to embarking on the inner journey, regardless of one’s beliefs or spiritual knowledge. Her practices tap into the soul-level and focus on clearing our physical and energetic vessel to instinctively remain anchored into the Now. Robina’s goal is to guide others to remain as an observer of their life.